DRAM Seminar

2013-2014 Calendar

Contact: Zachary Nagel and Jennifer Jordan, Samson Lab, MIT
Location - MIT Building 56 Room 614
Refreshments - 6:45pm
Talks - 7pm


Oct. 22 Ryan McGinty; Mirkin Lab, Tufts University
"Trans-modifiers of GAA repeat expansion discovered through whole-genome sequencing"
Bill Thilly; Thilly Lab, MIT
"Mutator/hypermutable fetal juevnile metakaryotic stem cells and human colorectal carcinogenesis"
Nov. 12 José McFaline; Samson Lab, MIT
"Mechanisms of acquired temozolomide resistance in glioblastoma"
Elyse Bolterstein; McVey Lab, Tufts University
"Werner exonuclease exhibits an exonuclease-independent role in response to replication stress in Drosophila"
Dec. 10 Dan Ferullo; Walker Lab, MIT
"Oxidative Stress Disrupts Iron Hemeostasis in Cisplatin Treated S. cerevisae"
Jenny Xie; D'Andrea Lab, Harvard University
"RNF4 Degrades Sumoylated FANCA and regulates the FA pathway"


Jan. 21 Cancelled and Rescheduled to March 25th
Feb. 18 Cancelled and Reschedule date TBD
Mar. 11 James Kath; Loparo Lab, Harvard University
"Observing translesion synthesis and polymerase exchange on single DNA molecules"
Chris Heinen; Heinen Lab, UCONN
"Mechanisms of DNA mismatch repair damage response"
Mar. 25 Olga Tsaponina; Haber Lab, Brandeis University "Interchromosomal template jumping during gene conversion repair in budding yeast"
Ozge Gursoy-Yuzugullu; Price Lab, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard University 
"Nucleosome dynamics and DNA repair"
Apr. 15 Jane Christina Kim; Mirkin Lab, Tufts University
"Large-scale CAG/CTG repeat expansions modeled in budding yeast"
Philip Nevin; Beuning Lab, Northeastern University
"Dynamics of DNA polymerases related to DNA damage tolerance"
May 13 Judit Jimenez Sainz; Jensen Lab, Yale University
"Conditional BRCA2 switch in ovarian and breast cells to study tumor progression"
Charles Knutson; Tannenbaum Lab, MIT
"Chlorination damage derived from chronic inflammation"

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