Friday Forums Seminar

2013-2014 Calendar

Location - MIT Building 56 Room 614
Socializing & Refreshments 4:00-4:30 pm
Talks 4:30-5:00 pm
Socializing 5:00-5:30 pm


Sept. 13 Gerald Wogan; Emeritus, Toxicology and Chemistry
"Genotoxic consequences of early life exposures to Aflatoxins"
Oct. 4
Doug Lauffenburger; Professor, Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Biology; Department Head, Biological Engineering
"In Vivo Systems Analysis of Inflammatory Pathology"
Oct. 18
Special CEHS Friday Forum
Peter Dedon;
Program Co-Leader, CEHS GEHS,
Professor, Biological Engineering and Toxicology
"Nucleic Acid Chemistry Connects the Dots in a Seemingly Meandering Path from Genetic Toxicology to Infectious Disease and the Microbiome"
Nov. 15
Cancelled and Rescheduled to February 7, 2014
Dec. 6
Stuart Levine; Director, BioMicro Center; Co-Director, CEHS Genomics and Imaging Facilities Core
"The MIT BioMicro Center: Making the Genomics Revolution Work for You"


Feb. 7 Hadley Sikes; Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
"Engineering New Tools for CpG Methylation Analysis in the Clinical Setting"
Mar. 14
To Be Determined
Apr. 18
James Fox; Professor, Biological Engineering and Division of Comparative Medicine; Director, Division of Comparative Medicine
"The Gastric Cancer Connection: Helicobacter pylori, Helminths, and the Intestinal Microbiome"
May 2

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