New Frontiers: Postdoctoral Transition Seminar

The New Frontiers: Postdoctoral Transition Seminar is designed to assist our postdoctoral researchers in the CEHS community as they prepare for job talks and interviews. It also provides an opportunity for researchers in the translational arena the opportunity to give seminars to a broad audience of CEHS members. The goal of the seminar is to provide input and strategies to researchers as they plan the next stage of their careers.

The presenter will provide a 45 minute seminar that mimics an academic or industry interview talk followed by questions from the audience. After the seminar, the presenter will have a closed-door session with participating faculty to provide feedback on the overall presentation and advise on how to approach the interview process.

Postdoctoral researchers can sign-up to present here.

For more information about the program, please contact Amanda Armijo