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COE2C Personnel 


Kathy Vandiver
COE2C Director 
Phone: 617-324-0252 


Bevin Engelward 
COE2C Director 
Phone: 617-258-0260


Amy Fitzgerald 
COE2C Education Coordinator 
Phone: 617-253-7931


Amanda Mayer
COE2C Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 617-253-1053

Community Advisory Board

The previous Community Advisory Board (CAB) evening meeting took place on October 8, 2013 at our Center Director's residence at MIT's Simmons Hall. It was well received with an excellent turnout (32 of 36 invitees attending). The following format provided for a very productive and congenial gathering:

  1. A reception with the COE2C posters and outreach materials on display for the purpose of helping guests understand COE2C activities.
  2. A presentation by Center Director, Dr. John Essigmann, described the Center' s history, mission, and research focus.
  3. A presentation by the COE2C Director, Dr. Kathleen Vandiver, on current COE2C work and plans.
  4. Dinner accompanied by small roundtable group discussions.
  5. Entire group feedback session, which was facilitated by Center Deputy Director, Dr. Bevin Engelward.

The COE2C will vary the meeting style between large invitational evening meetings for cross-pollination purposes and smaller subgroup sessions for more specific informational exchanges.  Examples of smaller advisory meetings are: 1) MIT Center members visit Native Americans at several sites in Maine to hear about community environmental health issues, with the possibility of joining the CAB to continue the relationship building effort; 2) the COE2C hosts a focus group on nursing education to gather input from health professionals.  Most of the invitees attended the previous Community Advisory Board evening meeting, and thus, the subgroup is very familiar with our program to advise us.  


  • EK Singh, Mystic River Watershed Association
  • Patrick Herron, Mystic River Watershed Association
  • Chris Jones, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
  • Casey Harvell, American Lung Association NE
  • Lori Tsuruda, People Making a Difference™
  • Sam Lipson, Cambridge Dept. Public Health
  • Annie Rushman, American Lung Association NE
  • Sylvia Broude, Toxic Action Center
  • Jan Sullivan, MA Dept. Public Health
  • Joan Abrams, Cambridge Rindge & Latin School
  • David Sittenfeld, Boston Museum of Science
  • Parul Matani, Cambridge Rindge & Latin School
  • Tobe Stomberg, Cambridge Rindge & Latin School
  • Shelby Stevens, Chelsea High School
  • Ali Greenbaum, Chelsea High School
  • Alice Rushforth, MassBioEd
  • Katie Pickle, Science Club for Girls
  • Rupal Jain, Breakthrough Greater Boston
  • Heather Haines, Community Charter School of Cambridge 
  • Suzanne Gill, Boston Public School
  • Linda Godfrey-Bailey, Harvard-Thorndike Clinical Research Center
  • Frances Medaglia, Mass Public Health
  • Catherine Ricciardi, MIT Clinical Research Center
  • Ann Backus, Harvard School of Public Health
  • Mike Barnett, Boston College
  • Robert Rochlin, Harvard Med Sch Office of Diversity
  • Robert Simpson, Harvard Med Sch Office of Diversity
  • Eben Cross, MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Bridget Wall, MIT Biological Engineering
  • Brindha Muniappian, MIT Museum
  • Andrew Hong, MIT Museum
  • Faith Dukes, MIT Museum
  • Eboney Smith, Broad Institute
  • Vivian Siegel, Broad Institute
  • Erika Reinfeld, MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
  • Shawna Young, MIT School of Engineering
  • Leslie McClain, Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems 
  • Amy Tremblay, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research