2009-2010 Pilot Project Recipients


Single-cell Analysis of Transcriptional and Translational Regulation of Genes Essential for DNA Damage Response

This project is to understand how eukaryotes respond to DNA damage via transcriptional and translational regulation.

  • Mark Bathe
    Assistant Professor, Biological Engineering

Zebrafish - a Model to Study the Live Mucosa

This project will aim to understand the molecules and mechanisms involved in cell-mucus interactions and study live mucosal pathomechanisms with transgenic zebrafish that express fluorescent mucins.

  • Katharina Ribbeck
    Assistant Professor, Biological Engineering

Interrogating the Intersection of DNA damage pathways and Metabolism in the Replication Stress Response using Dynamic Molecular Combing

The goal of this project is to identify genes that are required to stabilize DNA replication under hyperreplicative conditions as we expect mutations in the human homologues of these genes to be predisposed to environmental - and/or oncogenes induced carcinogenesis as well as potentially good chemotherapy targets.

  • Michael Yaffe
    Professor, Biology/Biological Engineering/Koch Institutue