2015-2016 Pilot Project Recipients


Health Implications of the Ozone Climate Penalty

We propose to investigate the global health burden associated with the climate-induced changes on surface O3 levels (the so-called "climate penalty").

  • Colette Heald
  • Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences


A Microfluidic Airway Model to Study the Role of Mucus in Asthma Pathogenesis

The goals of this pilot project is to study particle transport through reconstituted and native mucus gels derived from patients with and without asthma.

  • Jongyoon Han
  • Professor, Biological Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Katharina Ribbeck
  • Associate Professor, Biological Engineering

Using Radium Isotope Signature in Soils, Sediments and Natural Waters to Detect Fluids Generated from Conventional and Unconventional Drilling

The purpose of this project is to sample soil, sediment, porewater, and surface water within or in close proximity to possible near-surface point sources to detect residual chemical signatures of produced and flowback water.

  • Benjamin Kocar
  • Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering