Named Lectureship Seminars

A very important CEHS enrichment activity has involved co-sponsorship of the Gerald N. Wogan, Robert S. Harris, and David B. Schauer Lectures that are presented annually to honor Professor Gerald Wogan (a pioneer in the field of chemical carcinogenesis for his studies of aflatoxin chemistry and mutagenesis and the role of aflatoxin in human liver cancer), Professor Robert Harris (who made major contributions to the field of nutritional biochemistry and toxicology), and the late Prof. David Schauer of CEHS (who was a pioneer in studies of the microbome and the interface between microbial pathogens and host cells). The speakers are selected by a committee consisting of members of the CEHS faculty, and the speaker’s research interests reflect those of Professors Wogan, Harris, and Schauer. These lectures are given as part of the Biological Engineering Seminar Series. 

November 30, 2017 | 4:00-6:00pm | 32-141 Stata Center

Wogan Lecture: Saving Mothers and Newborn Lives: How Do We Innovate for SDGs?

Sindura Ganapathi; Deputy Director, Global Health Program at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

For more information about Dr. Sindura Ganapathi, please click here.