Currently Funded Projects

The MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences, through support from the NIH-NIEHS Center Grant P30-ES002109, has awarded one basic science and two translational pilot projects with a start date of September 1, 2016 from the May pilot project call released this year.

The one funded basic science application is:

(1) Gabriela Schlau-Cohen
Assistant Professor, Chemistry

“From Understanding of Interrupting Bacterial Pathogenesis”
These pilot studies are expected to demonstrate that chemotactic sensing occurs via a specific molecular motion.

The two funded translational applications are:

(1) Paul Blainey
Assistant Professor, Biological Engineering

“ ’Lineage Sequencing’ for Deeper Insights into Exposure-induced Somatic Mutations”
We wish to measure mutation accumulation process within cells with and without mismatch repair deficiency.

(2) Noelle Selin
Associate Professor, Institute for Data Systems and Society, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

“Connecting Mercury Sources to Community Exposure through Modeling”
This proposal connects community-driven concerns to translational application with a focus of preventative action, linking to regulation and policy. It thus informs both upstream (global and national policy and regulation) and point-of-exposure efforts to improve human health.