Bioimaging and Chemical Analysis Facilities Core

Contact: Core Manager: Dr. Mohanraja Kumar; Interim Core Managers: Drs. Robert Croy and Michael DeMott

The Bioimaging and Chemical Analysis Facilities Core provides Center members with state-of-the-art tools and techniques for the characterization and quantification of chemical substances and modifications of cellular compounds ranging from small molecules, e.g., metabolites and reaction products, to nucleic acid oligomers and intact proteins. The Core resources also include a comprehensive suite of data-handling software for qualitative and quantitative analyses, database searching, bioinformatics, pathway analysis, statistics and graphics. As a resource for CEHS members, the Core allows researchers to use the facilities at three levels: fully trained users, supervised analyses, and as a service.



  • Bioinformatics (Database searching, pathway analysis)
  • Quantitation (Spectral counting, iTRAQ, multiple reaction monitoring)
  • Custom software (Deconvolution, unique protein/peptide modifications)
  • Statistics (Regression analysis, principal component analysis, clustering)


  • Flow Cytometry (Accuri C6)
  • Phosphoimager (Typhoon)